School Visits

I am pleased to announce that I am available for writer workshops, school and library visits and conference appearances!

Appearances are negotiable, and I am able to appear both in person and via Skype. (Please note that I am willing to arrange free five to fifteen-minute Skype visits. E-mail me for details and arrangements.)

I may speak on any of the following during a presentation, or pre-arranged topics of your choice:

  • How I became a writer

  • My experience as a young(er) author in the publishing industry

  • My role as an educator and how that influences my writing

  • My presence in the publishing industry as a diversity advocate

  • Working for a book packager

  • My writing process

  • The backstory and creation of

For young students in particular, my presentations emphasize the importance of reading and writing in both an academic and creative context, discuss the experience of balancing my studies with writing The Gauntlet, and may include writing activities or prompts on request if a workshop is desired.

Please note whether you expect a formal presentation (with accompanying slides and remarks), a workshop format, or if you and your students or audience would like an informal presentation where the audience’s participation and questions guide the flow of my discussion and dialogue with you. I also appreciate knowing if the students or group has already read The Gauntlet so I can prepare accordingly.

My base honorarium (assuming a location within the NYC boroughs or Long Island, all of which are areas I cover as a local author) is $250 – assuming an hour-long presentation and an included Q&A session.

If more than one class will require presentations, if this is a location outside of my area, or if you wish to negotiate a different price, please let me know so we can discuss a more accurate quote.